Coming Back From A Setback


Setback: a problem that makes progress more difficult or success less likely (Webster’s Dictionary) 

Comeback: a new effort to win or succeed after being close to defeat or failure (Webster’s Dictionary) 

Setbacks are not uncommon for those with ADHD. There are many reasons for this: disorganization, taking on too many tasks, lack of motivation, changing interests, anxiety, depression, and so forth.

The following is a link to a great blog post from Leo Babauta at “Coming Back From A Setback” 05/20/2014.

Thank goodness that setbacks are not failures; it also doesn’t mean it’s the end. If you are feeling discouraged or losing hope, take your fears and concerns to God. Pray that His Holy Spirit will help to guide you to get back on track. To spiritually combat feelings of discouragement,click on the link from Rachel Wojo’s website for some verses to meditate on.

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