Listening With Presence

not listening
You’re talking, but I’m not listening!

The following linked web page was posted on my friend’s Facebook timeline. I’m posting the link here for anyone who would like a simple way to begin learning to listen in a way that builds more meaningful relationships with others. We know that active listening can be a real challenge for some people with ADHD.

Talking non-stop is a huge challenge of mine. For me it’s the combination of ADHD and Anxiety. As noted on, “If you talk at the speed of light, feel compelled to voice every thought running through your overactive mind, and keep others from getting a word in, there’s no time for listening. This trait, found in fidgety adults with hyperactive ADHD, can be a serious detriment to relationships.” Unfortunately I know this all too well. Hopefully you’ll be able to take something away from the linked article.

“These five-step listening techniques may have been forged in the south [Atlanta], but they have a much wider applicability. Together they form a powerful tool you can use to transform your conversations and develop more honest, authentic and present relationships. The next time you have a conversation with a close friend, family member or a significant other, take a risk and try it out and you will experience first hand the power of what Lillie taught me.”

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