Running with ADHD

This is why I gotta stay organized! Avoid Monkey Mind!
This is why I gotta stay organized! Avoid Monkey Mind!


Finally! Yes, finally I have found a method for tracking my exercise and fitness plan that doesn’t involve pen and paper. I was decluttering my room a few weeks ago and I noticed that I had at least six different workout journals. In addition to these journals, I had papers all over the place that I had printed with various charts for tracking my workouts, progress and goals.

All these tracking tools scattered throughout my room, yet not a single one worked for me. They were all good and well laid out; this is how I knew that I was the problem. I would start a tracking sheet, be consistent for two days and then forget about it. The papers would end up under a pile of newer paper products only to be discovered during future cleaning days.

What my nightstand usually looks like. Where's my Learn to Run chart, aaaggghhh!
What my nightstand usually looks like. Where’s my Learn to Run chart, aaaggghhh!

As for the six or more fitness journals, these never made it into my handbag half the time. I would leave home and forget to bring them with me. By the time I would get home in the late afternoon, I either forgot about documenting what I ate or what activities I did, or I just wouldn’t care. There were times I felt too tired or too busy to rummage through my piles of stuff to find the journal.

It was a couple of weeks ago that I finally took a look at the app called Runtastic. I downloaded it onto my smartphone and I have enjoyed it ever since. Sometimes I’m in such a hurry to leave the house that I don’t remember to take my paper trackers with me. I’m too worried about forgetting the more urgent items that I need. If I do remember to take the paper tracker with me, I end up spending too much time searching for it and then I go from being early to being late.


With this Runtastic app all I do is press start and it tracks my training. When I’m finished I click “stop” and it saves everything for me. I don’t need a journal and I’m not overwhelmed by individual sheets of paper. Everything is in one place. I take my smartphone with me whenever I workout and I don’t need to “remember” anything else.

If you don’t want your fitness routine to be derailed by forgetting to keep track of your training sessions and goals, I highly recommend getting an app, any app that suites your style. A device that allows you to keep all your information in one easily accessible place is unlikely to be forgotten or lost. For me at the moment it is Runtastic, it helps me not have to live another failed goal as a result of my ADHD traits.

Two easy places for checking out the various apps and devices are Google Play and iTunes store.

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