Define ‘Better’

This is a great blog post to get you thinking about how we define “Better” when treating ADHD.


“We started a new ADHD treatment for our daughter Chloe, and she’s doing much better.”

If this is your friend talking, or if you’re an ADHD nerd like me, this is a wonderful thing to hear. Oddly, though, no one knows precisely what you mean by ‘better’.  Behavior is complex and varied. Young Girl Reading by Mary Cassatt. 1908‘Better’ could mean a thousand things including more focused, less fidgety, less oppositional or longer attention span. So let’s dig a little:

“So she’s less hyperactive now?”

“No, she was never hyperactive.”

“Less distracted?”

“No. That’s about the same.”

“Less impulsive?” 

“No, she was never impulsive. She has inattentive ADHD, not the rowdy, troublemaker kind”

“So what does ‘doing much better’ mean?”

“She’s sleeping better and less negative around us.”

The parents among us all recognize the positive changes. But I’m not sure the treatment is working. For an ADHD treatment to work–please excuse this ridiculously obvious point–Chloe’s…

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