Life Calling: God’s Way vs. the ADHD Way


The one labelled “the easy way”, is what I’m going to call “God’s way”. The one labelled “my way” is exactly that, “my way” of doing things. ADHD has this wonderful ability to take plans and paths that make perfectly good sense and turn them into hot messes.

Living to follow the Will of God is a more difficult task for believers with ADHD. It’s just too easy to be dragged into too many directions while honestly aiming to follow the divine path that God has laid out for us.

We are vulnerable for the following reasons:

  • -So much creativity that one has no idea where to start, or when you do start, you abandon that method for whatever new way you’ve come up with
  • -Impatience with God’s plan and His timing
  • -There is that habit of wanting things done “our way” when dealing with others
  • -Procrastination, which means things that need to be finished in order to move ahead don’t get completed or they take longer than would be reasonable
  • -Being moody and emotional with others, this causes problems with those around us, those who are there supporting us
  • -Limited ability to pay enough  attention to those who are there to be your advisors, teachers, mentors, etc. (any formal learning environment)


All I can say is this; don’t let ADHD symptoms prevent you from missing out on the best of what God has called you to do and to be; for yourself and for others. This is why it’s so important for those of us as believers in Christ to be committed to managing our ADHD. We will always have ADHD, there is nothing we can do about that, but we don’t always have to live with un-managed symptoms. I don’t ever want to look back at my life in my later years and see just how much untreated and unmanaged symptoms took way from my ability to live fully devoted to God and my life’s calling.

God is full of grace, mercy, and understanding, He tells us this through scripture. He does not see those with ADHD as loving Him less, or being more sinful. The difference between those with ADHD and the average Christian population is that we are much more vulnerable to having a walk of faith that looks like the “my way” illustration at the beginning of  this post.

Be extra aware of how your symptoms are interfering with your walk of faith. I’ve recommended this before, but I can’t speak enough of doing a daily self inventory or self-examen. In our time of reflection and prayer with God, we are able to look back at our day and use it as a way to stay focused on both our relationship with God and our interactions with the world (family, friends, work, strangers, etc.)



Personal Goal Setting (not specifically for those with ADHD)