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Clutter, it’s all around me, well… it’s all around my bedroom. I have well organized piles of paper clutter and books and accountant boxes with even more organized stuff. I’ve been getting better at decluttering because of scheduling this task it into my day timer as this is going to be an ongoing job that will take a few months to complete and I’ve been pretty good at sticking to it. I am amazed every week when taking the recycle bags to the garbage bin. I keep asking myself, “Where have I been keeping all this stuff?” Silly question to ask because I know where I’ve been keeping them; in organized piles of clutter around my room. On shelves, under my bed, at the bottom of my closet, on the closet shelf, in rubber bins, and on the shelves of my desk; basically everywhere in my room.

I thought I was doing well by having all my stuff organized and for the most part, out of my way. I’ve since learned it doesn’t  matter if your stuff is organized, it’s still clutter and you have to ask yourself why you keep these things.

Why have I been keeping some of these books and paper products? So far I’ve been telling myself that I might need all this information for future reference. Really? An entire room full of information that I might need in the future? Nope, not anymore. I’ve got internet access and it provides plenty of information that I might need now or in the future. Bookmarks and electronic file folders are very handy for storing information that one might need at another time.

So now I’ll ask you…

  • Do you have clutter anywhere in your house? (Look around before answering “No”.)
  • What does this clutter consist of? (Possibly: hair products, running shoes, shampoos and conditioners, food condiments in the cupboard and refrigerator, make up, etc.)
  • Why do you keep these items? (You might need them someday isn’t a proper reason for having clutter).
  • Take a picture of each room in your house, all your closets, the inside of your vehicle and anywhere else you store items; what do those pictures look like? See below for some comparisons.
source: theorganizinggirls .com
source: theorganizinggirls .com
Souce: uglyhouses .com
Souce: uglyhouses .com

It’s way too easy for those of us with ADHD to become attached to too many things that we have no realistic need for. Two of an item might be enough, but instead we have sixteen of them. We might be able to find one item that could replace six items, but for whatever reason we choose quantity.

I won’t give you tips and advice on how to get rid of clutter or organize your stuff because there are already plenty of resources for that, but I will encourage you to stop and inventory all the clutter that you have and honestly ask yourself why they have taken up so much space in your physical environment and in your mind. A cluttered environment is a manifestation of cluttered mind.

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