Everyday Failures

failure learning

Failure is a part of life. Thankfully we’ve been forewarned that failure is inevitable. When you have ADHD, failure can end up being a regular occurrence. Each failure isn’t necessarily life changing and this due to them being such regular occurrences that they end up being a part of your regular pattern in life. The failures can be habitual lateness, disorganization, missed information due to daydreaming and a host of other reasons.

Eventually what happens is all the failures add up and take a tole on yourself and others around you. With failure you have two choices, either face the failures and do something about them or bury yourself farther into failure by not addressing the issues. Throughout all of our failures in life, it is important to remember who we truly are. We are God’s creation, a masterpiece if we let ourselves be who He has created us to be, failures included. Trying to hide by entering a world of fantasy while ignoring our reality is never healthy. Escape, but only for a moment, then get back to the business of what’s before us. In our attempts to hide from our hurt, losses, and pain we can end up pushing away those who are there to love and comfort us.

The emotional struggles that come with having this disorder can turn us into super sensitive people when we are deeply hurt. We don’t have to escape. Bring your hurts to God in prayer. Cry out to Him, he is listening.

He knows my name

I have linked a cartoon here from Zen Pencils that I would love for you to see and read. It’s not something that can be skimmed or looked at one time only. I suggest going over it a few times. Think about what the pictures are saying to you about failure. Don’t focus too much on the story line of the Harry Potter series because that is not what the cartoon is about.

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Failure is part of the process.
Failure is part of the process.