I Will Rise!

I’m posting this very encouraging and powerful Reblog here even though it has nothing to do with having ADHD, I think it’s important to remember that as believers we always have a hope. The struggle with Executive Functions , impatience, attention deficits and other challenges will often lead us to fail over and over, BUT, we can’t lose our ability to get back up and rise again, to do otherwise would be complete failure.


Procrastination Steals Our Joy

I thought I would share (link) this blog post by Diane Samson about procrastination. It’s not specifically about ADHD, but procrastination is a problem faced by many. I love how she gracefully explains how procrastination takes our focus off of God and away from our being engaged in our calling and for some, our creativity.

I highly recommend giving her article a read followed by some prayerful contemplation.


Source: Diane Samson . com
Source: Diane Samson . com

Preparation Brings Calm

plan ahead

Proverbs 6:6-8 Look at the ant; consider its ways and be wise! It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest.

How interesting that the writer is telling us to look at ants for a lesson on hard work and preparation; but he is correct, ants get things done without a being told to or having a boss standing over them. This is pretty impressive and very much unlike human habit!

Preparation is not one of the strong points for those with ADHD, but it can be achieved. Being prepared for daily life can be a struggle, but it is a necessary requirement for living a life of less stress and more stability.

disaster recovery

We may not be as self-motivated and prepared as an ant, but maybe we can relate better to being as prepared as a supermom. I couldn’t help but  notice how well prepared supermoms tend to be with their elementary school aged children. Here are the preparations  I noticed well organized mothers do for their children:

-Before these moms go to bed, they have prepared the snacks and lunches for all their kids. They are labeled and stored in the fridge for easy retrieval in the morning.

-They get all the laundry finished on a Sunday evening and/or other very specific days of the week. Regardless of the day of the week, they keep this day consistent.

-They create meal plans for the week, grocery shop for these foods, and are ready to cook at any time. They don’t find themselves running out of necessary food staples during the week because they are well prepared.

-The clothes for their kids are chosen and laid out for wearing the next day. There is no hectic running around trying to decide what to wear and searching for clean socks in the morning.

-They keep their kids backpacks and footwear in the same place and these only goes missing if their child moves them and forget where they misplaced them. Supermoms want a place for everything and everything in its place. Searching for things she needs and uses every day is a waste of her time and only creates frustration for herself and the rest of the family.

She times things well and knows how long it takes to drive her kids to school, weekly sports groups and other after school activities. If the family doesn’t stay within those time limits she knows that they will not make it on time to where ever they are going. Again, she doesn’t want to be frustrated and drained by the frenzy of not being prepared.

I made the decision to get necessary things done like an ant, meaning that I get things done without having to be told, pressured or instructed to by a boss. Along with this, I want to be well-prepared like a supermom. If Noah busied himself with preparing for a flood that no-one expected to occur, then I think you and I can take the time to learn the habit of daily preparation for things we know will happen.

Noahs ark

Not every day is going to be smooth, no matter how much we prepare, but I can assure you that by preparing for certain daily occurrences we will have more days of calm rather than frenzy. 


My hope and prayer for you.
My hope and prayer for you.