Emotional Energy and Faith: Helps with ADHD

To-do lists. Planners. Day-timers. Post-its. Scraps of paper. Oh the tools of time management and productivity; the resources are endless. Three months into the year and I already had to switch day planners twice (I always have a paper version and simultaneously an electronic version). There were a couple of weeks where I was drained of energy and my daily to-do list received zero attention from me. I only had enough for work, some light exercise, heating something in the microwave, and then heading to bed in preparation for a 4:30 a.m. start the next day.

Have you felt that way lately; that you only have enough energy for work with only a small amount to give for anything and anyone else in your life? If you have, this article from Spirituality & Health is a great way to check your to-do list intentions against your energy.

Living a purpose filled life means having to address and defeat the anxiety that often tries to rob us of our rational intentions. Fear, worry, and the resulting unnecessary dilemma’s take us away from doing the things that are necessary and beneficial to us. God’s message to St. Paul is the same message He has for us, “My grace is all you need.My power works best in your weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Those with ADHD and Anxiety often have less energy than others; these are two disorders that are known for draining people emotionally, physically, and cognitively. When planning for the day or the week it’s important to factor in your energy levels. I encourage you to read the linked article by Traci Pedersen: “Got a Busy Schedule? You May Not Need More Time, Just Energy and Perspective.

As you create your schedules, take time to pray for clarity in being realistic about how much energy you will have for things you intend to do and the people you want to be with. Peace and blessings to you.