Day 20: Mood and Music

Day 20 Mood and Music

I love listening to music. I mostly listen to music when I’m exercising, cleaning the house, and when I’m working on projects. I not only listen to music, but I also like to sing along. I listen a variety of music genres. Each type of music suits a different motivational purpose. I love listening to old school gansta style rap when working out. When I’m working on projects that require a high level of concentration I listen to instrumental classical music. If I’m cleaning the house I have hip-hop inspired pop music playing; it keeps me moving, and convinces me that cleaning is fun!

There was a time when I used to listen to sad music. In my 20s I owned every single Sarah McLachlan C.D. and I played her songs every day. I woke up to her music and went to sleep with her music playing. These were dark and hopeless days of my life. I eventually stopped listening to her music, and those of other musicians with similar music. I turned to more uplifting music. Music that would help me to believe and remember that there was goodness in the world; that God was powerful and loving; music that put smiles on my face.

I won’t say that I stopped listening to sad songs completely, there is a time and place; but I made sure that depressing songs had limited play on my itunes.

It’s important to be mindful of the type of music you listen to because does affect our moods. Before you start playing the music, ask yourself what type of mood you are in. If you are feeling down, are sad songs the best thing for you to listen to? If you are feeling discouraged, are lyrics that tell you you’re a looser going to lift your spirits? Choose your music and you choose your mood.

Mindfulness Action

Think about the music that you typically listen to. Does this music help lift your spirits or does it help to bring you down.

Review your music collection, are there songs that you might want to consider removing from your collection for emotional reasons?

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