Day 22: Am I Who God Says I Am?

Day 22 Who I am

“I’m so stupid”, “I’m lazy”, “I’m too this, too that”, “I’m blah, blah, blah”, “I’m always…” I wonder how many times a day we label ourselves. I also wonder how often we give ourselves negative labels. There are times when I hear people label themselves in negative terms; they use words that others would not likely associate with them.

Do you use words and labels to negatively describe yourself? No one is perfect, but calling yourself names is not going to help you become a more fulfilled person. Negative self-talk doesn’t lead to a healthy self-esteem. We see our self through the lens of negativity, but God sees us as His wonderful creation. Embrace who God says you are. When you notice the negative self-labels stop immediately and replace them with words and thoughts of love, compassion, kindness, and understanding.

“I’m so lazy” becomes “I am feeling tired right now”

“I’m so stupid” becomes “I made a mistake and I am willing to acknowledge it and correct it”

“I’m so fat” becomes “I am not at a weight that I am comfortable with, but I will continue to love myself and not give into self-hatred, and weight shaming”


Mindfulness Action

Throughout your day, be attentive to the labels you give yourself. When you catch yourself speaking negatively about yourself, stop. Replace all negatives labels with positive ones.

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