Day 31: What I’ve Learn in 31 Days

31 Days of Mindfulness

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve finished this series which I started as part of the yearly October challenge Write 31 Days. I wasn’t able to finish this by October 31, but I don’t mind and I refuse to beat myself up about it.

There were days when I was not feeling well and fighting migraines. I had to practice what I preach by being mindful of what I needed most which was rest and staying away from the internet and writing.

This challenge was great for keeping me on track and developing discipline in writing about a topic I am passionate about. I didn’t like the fact that writing daily didn’t allow for me to produce blog posts with better grammar or time to delve more deeply into my chosen topic. But again, I had to be aware of and accept the fact that it was not the right time for me to delve deeper into writing about the practice of mindfulness.

Mindfulness has taught me a lot about what makes me upset, what makes me happy, and what is in my physical surroundings that I had not noticed before. It is a practice that I am still learning about. The great thing about all of this is that the learning never stops; there is something new and helpful to learn everyday about yourself, others, and the life around you.

Some Christians are very resistant to meditation and mindfulness, but I have learned that their concerns are mostly not valid. Meditation and mindfulness is found all throughout the bible from Genesis to Revelation. God calls us to be aware, to be present; how else are we to recognize His presence, His promptings, and His calling on our life. Without being mindful, how do we fulfill the great commission and live out the greatest commandment given to us. I have chosen to invest my energy in mindfulness and meditation rather than arguing with Christians who disagree on this topic.

I enjoyed reading posts from others who participated in the writing challenge. The website keeps the links to participants’ blogs on their site all year long and I encourage you to take a peek at some of them. You can also find some of the participants posts on Pinterest under Write 31 Days Community. There are an array of topics such as: home decoration, crafts, mental illness, family life, marriage, weight loss, sports, and others I’m not even aware of. The variety means there is likely to be something of interest for almost everyone.

It’s now November, and up next is Advent!

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