Day 8: Visuals Reminders for Your Mindfulness Practice

Welcome to Day 8! Today we are going to be talking about using visual images and reminders for helping you with mindfulness.

Do you…

  • remember faces but not names,
  • remember things better when you read the information verses only hearing it,
  • have a better understanding of concepts and ideas by looking at charts and diagrams,
  • learn by picturing things in your head
  • prefer spoken word (sermons, stories, comedians) that use vivid imagery?

These are all traits and preferences of visual learners also known as spatial learners.

If you identify with this learning style, a great way to keep practicing mindfulness is to have visual items in your environment. These items can be simple decorations such as crosses, fresh flowers, mementoes, pictures, and anything else that you enjoy having around you. For some people these reminders might be carried on their bodies in the form of tattoos, pendants, symbolic jewelry, and other items.

Day 8 Visual Reminders

These visual reminders aren’t intended to bring you to a past memory or a future goal; its purpose is to bring you into the present. It can help you to stop and give thanks, say a prayer, or check in with yourself to see how you are currently feeling and doing.

Other visual reminders might be as basic as writing reminders on a to-do list, or cue cards with bible verses, motivational quotes, or simple words like “breathe”, “gratitude”, or “relax” written on them.

I’m a visual learner and each day in my day planner, I write my One Word for 2015, “Intentional”. This reminds me to take time during my day to appreciate the so-called little things like our beautiful river valley, the sunshine, my job, my friends, and anything else that is meaningful to me at the time. My word also reminds me to slow down when my day becomes hectic and overwhelming. I also have a coffee mug that I use at work. Each time I fill it with tea, I hold the mug with both hands, breathe deeply, smell the scent as it fills the air, and then return to whatever it is that I am doing while I wait for it to cool down. All of this never takes me more than a minute to do, but the benefits of this action last much longer than that.

Everyone has their own area of mindfulness to focus on, so pick the area you need the most help in and find visual cues to help you be mindful throughout your day.

Mindfulness Action

Continue doing the daily Examen which we started on Day 4.

If you don’t already have one, find an item to use as a visual aid in your practice of mindfulness. It can be any item of your choice.


Over the next couple of days, take note of its effectiveness as a reminder tool.

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