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ADHD and Marching Women

On Saturday January 21, 2017, women and their supporters marched to send a message to the new government in the United States. I didn’t attend the march. I spent the afternoon ill, curled up in bed yet again, wishing I was at the march instead of at home.

I live in a city of barely 1 million people, but a couple thousand people showed up to the march. I was impressed with the numbers in my city and around the word. Women were marching, women were serious, women meant business.

I felt this way until I realized there were a number of women who were marching and didn’t quite know what they were marching for. I read new articles which blamed the problem on so-called whiny feminists, air-head millennials, and all sorts of other negative reasons. With so many injustices in the world, how does a woman show up to a march without a cause, without something worth fighting for.

I’m not a feminist in the traditional sense of the word. I don’t know what you could label me as. The reason I don’t call myself a feminist is because I find it to be a difficult concept to describe. I care about women’s rights, but I don’t think that is enough to tag the label feminist onto me.


I think it’s important for people, especially women, to be careful when “labeling” one’s self. We live in a culture that seems to like labels and expects us to wear them and live a certain way according to the label we give our self. Some of us wear more than one label and that can add additional problems to the already focus challenged life of the person with ADHD.

Environmentalist, Feminist, Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Vegetarian, Raw Foodist, Whole 30ist, Paleo, Roman Catholic, Mainline Protestant, Evangelical, Pro-Choice, Pro-life. This is just a very short list of the labels we are expected to choose from. Not only do we have to choose these labels, but we also have to be part of the causes associated with these labels.

Label People

When I think about this, I’m not surprised there were a number of women at these marches who didn’t know what they were marching for. To be fair, not everyone has a passion and not everyone has a cause they are fighting for. Not having a passion for something is foreign to me; I’ve always been a passionate person since I was a young girl in elementary.

With ADHD it’s easy to become interested in many different protests, causes, charities and organizations; but I’m writing this to say that it is alright to only remain heavily focused on one or two issues. By remaining focused on only a small number of issues you provide yourself with more time to dedicate to activities related to your causes. You can attend marches and be able to clearly state what you’re marching for and why.

Staying focused means being able to learn more about issues at a deeper level. You can take the time to read legitimate news pieces, blogs, and online resources. Focus also allows you to spend time with others who are equally as dedicated to a cause as you are.

Lack of focus isn’t exclusive to those with ADHD, but we do have to be extra careful to give our attention and energy to the things we are concerned about the most. It is too easy to spread ourselves thin and be of little use to ourselves or the causes we are involved with.


Whatever you march for, don’t give up. Stay within the will of God, ask for His strength to help you, and His Spirit to guide you.