Day 21: Mindfulness and God’s Grace

Day 21 Gods Grace

Mindfulness requires a lot of grace. Accepting the grace that God has given you, having grace towards yourself, and grace for others.

When we lack forgiveness we keep ourselves stuck in a time warp. We keep ourselves stuck in the time or times when we were emotionally wounded by another person. We hold onto whatever it is that has hurt us and we don’t let go of the emotion attached to the event(s).

Mindfulness prevents us from staying stuck. We are neither in the past reliving the moment or in the future trying to get away from the moment. We bring our self back into the present.

Without receiving, accepting, and offering God’s grace we cannot be fully present in the act of mindfulness. We are always recipients of God’s grace, He doesn’t take this wonderful gift away from us. His grace is always present. God asks us to offer grace to others as well.

Mindfulness Action

When you are experiencing negative emotions towards another person such as anger or impatience, stop and ask yourself if your feelings and behaviour reflect grace towards the other person(s).

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